Past Speakers

Past Speakers Included

Alexandra Shapiro

EVP, Marketing & Digital, Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal

Jeffrey Greller

Digital Agent, VR/AR, WME

Peter Schwinge

Executive Director, Moving Target Group

Joan E. Solsman

Senior writer, CNET

Jeremy Strauser

Vice President & General Manager, Digital Apps, The Topps Company, Inc.

Jesse Walden

Co-Founder, Mediachain Labs

Kris Kliemann

President, Kliemann & Co.

Bill Mooney

Chief Product Officer, Skillz

Seth Ladetsky

SVP, Sales, Turner Sports

Stuart Lipson

Executive Director, eSports Ad Bureau

Chris Cataldi

Co-Founder & COO, Genvid Technologies, Inc.

Danny Anders

CEO & Founder, ClearTracks

Al Lieberman

Executive Director Entertainment, Media & Technology program, Stern School of Business, NYU

Jedd Katrancha

EVP, Creative Services, Downtown Music Publishing

Kevin Cornish

Founder, Moth+Flame VR

Scott Berenson

Director, Rights Management, SoundExchange

Kevin McCoy

CEO, Monegraph, Inc.

Sam Gilchrist

CEO, PluraVida

David Danowski

VP, Pricing, Planning & Inventory Management, Fox Networks Group

Francois Vaxelaire

Head & Founder, The Lot Radio

Ryan P. Hall

Head of Development, Rooster Teeth

Ashley Kaplan

Head of Content, Fullscreen

Daniel Binns

Managing Director, NY & SF, Interbrand

Eric Berger

EVP, Digital Networks, Sony Pictures Television; General Manager, Crackle

Colin Gillis

Director of Research, BGC Financial

G.O. Burton

SVP, Distribution and Partnerships, OWNZONES Media Network

Nathan Guetta

VP, Product and Technology, Condé Nast Entertainment

Jason Williams

Director of Product and Growth, Plex

George Baier IV

Head of Media Solutions, Dropbox

Joy Howard

CMO, Sonos

Paula David

VP of Sales & Sales Operations, Affectiva

Natasha Diggs

DJ, Soulinthehorn

Andrew Merkatz

President, Tapinator, Inc

Eric Zimmerman

Independent Game Designer & Arts Professor, NYU Game Center

Darren Moran

Head of Innovation, Grey New York

John Militello

Director of Marketing, Volvo Car USA

Marcie Jastrow

SVP Immersive Media, Head of Technicolor Experience Center, Technicolor

David Gaines

Chief Planning Officer, Maxus Americas

Anjali Sud

General Manager, Creator Platform, Vimeo

Christian Petersen

Director of Product, Personalization and Personal Media, Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center

David Dowd

VP Customer Growth, Media Business

Pete Pachal

Tech Editor, Mashable

Stephen Bryan

Chief Content Officer, SoundCloud

Phillip Morelock

Chief Digital Officer & Chief Revenue Officer, Playboy Enterprises

Michael Wayne

Co-Founder & CEO, Kin Community

Mara Einstein

Author of Blacks Ops Advertising: Native Ads, Content Marketing, and the Covert World of the Digital Sell?

Brian Adams

Founder & CEO, MightyTV

Nico Perez

Cofounder, Mixcloud

Robert Bardunias

Co-Founder & CRO, IRIS.TV

Misha Koroteev

Creative Director & Co-Owner, VGNC

Mario & Fafa

Glove and Boots

Shawn Allen

Designer/Director, Nuchallenger

Brad Spahr

VP, Product Development, Global Digital Business, Sony Music Entertainment

Dr. Kate Stone

CEO & Founder, Novalia Ltd

Jeff Marsilio

VP, Global Media Distribution, NBA

Ben Priddy

Creative Director, Tech, Tool of North America

Kyra Reppen

CEO, Katapult

Bryan Biniak

Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Nokia Growth Partners

Jeremy Welt

President, Invisible Robot

Betty Tran

EVP, Marketing, Izo

David Tockman

VP, Business Development, Shindig, Inc.

Facundo Diaz


Daniel Sander

Head of Market Development,

Josh Rabinowitz

EVP & Director of Music, Townhouse Music

Susanna Pollack

President, Games for Change

Marco Mereu

Founder & GM, Roostr

Maurice Bernstein

Co-Founder and CEO, Giant Step

Francisco Albornoz

TheGameHuntah Gaming

Afdhel Aziz

Director, Absolut Labs

Fred Goldring

Chairman & Co-Founder, Music Aficionado, Inc.; CEO & Co-Founder, GraphAudio, Inc.

Alexander Kisch

EVP, Business Development & Affairs, Vevo

Nick Lippman

Partner, Lippman Entertainment

Sophia Dominguez

CEO, SVRF; Founder, AllThingsVR

Daniel Stedman

Founder, Northside Media Group

Lawrence Peryer

Independent Producer & Consultant

Tony Emerson

Managing Director, Worldwide Media & Cable, Microsoft

Sherri Smith

Senior Staff Writer, Purch

Sara Clemens

Editor-in-Chief, Videodame

Chris Byrd

Lead Video Game Critic, The Washington Post

Dan Ackerman

Section Editor, CNET; author, The Tetris Effect

Vin Farrell

Global Chief Content Officer, Havas Worldwide

Natalie Zfat

Co-Founder, The Social Co.

Brian Seth Hurst

Co-Founder & Chief Storyteller, StoryTech

Russ Crupnick

Managing Partner, MusicWatch

Maximo Cavazzani

Founder & CEO, Etermax

Matthew Wang

Managing Director, Evercore

Winston Binch

Chief Digital Officer, Deutsch North America

Rich Flier

Managing Director, Business Development, Digital Domain

Jillian Mood

CEO & CFO (Chief Fun Officer), Jillian Mood & Partners

Dan Porter

Head of Digital, WME; CEO, Overtime

Dan Berkowitz

CEO & Founder, CID Entertainment

Thao Hoang

SVP, Business Development, DEFY Media

Suzanne Spence

Head of Global Brand Solutions, Wattpad

Margaret Wallace

CEO, Playmatics

Chris Petrovic

VP, Corporate & Business Development, Zynga Inc.

Jon Radoff

CEO & Founder, Disruptor Beam

Alexander Rea

Head of Creative Technology, Framestore

Albert Reed

General Manager, Demiurge Studios

Manny Anekal

Founder, The Next Level

David Walls

Founder & President, Funkitron

Tom Buontempo

President, KBS' Attention

Jeremy Simon

Director, Influencer & Partnership Marketing, KBS' Attention

Jonathan Bokor

SVP, Director of Advanced Media, Mediavest

Doug Ray

CEO, Carat USA

Jason Lipshutz

Deputy Editor, Fuse Digital

Shanti Bergel

SVP, Business & Corporate Development, GREE

Jean-Christophe Baillie

Founder & President, Novaquark

Larry Miller

Director, Music Business Program, NYU

Kathy Baker

SVP, Digital Marketing, Columbia Records, Sony Music Entertainment

Christine Lee

Vice President and GM, Global BD, Immersv

Tony Mugavero

CEO & Founder, Littlstar

Jeff Gomez

CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment

Tim Chang

Managing Director, Mayfield Fund

Julien Simon

VP, Music Rights & Label Relations, Deezer

Alison Hoffman

Chief Marketing Officer, Starz

Dave Bisceglia

Co-Founder & CEO, The Tap Lab

Sam Olstein

Director, Global Innovation, GE

John Collins

Managing Director, Broadcast & iTV, MediaStorm

Brandon Martinez

Vice President, LNTV Network, Live Nation

Stephanie Mehta

Deputy Editor, Vanity Fair

Martha Nelson

Global Editor in Chief, Yahoo

Andrea Clarke-Hall

Director of Business Development, Tubi TV​

Scott R. Singer

Managing Director, Media, DDG

Justin Tobin

Founder & President, DDG

Francois Arbour

VP Product, Video & Music, Shutterstock

Cat Lincoln

Founder & CEO, Clever Girls

Domenic DiMeglio

SVP, Distribution & Operations, CBS Digital Media, CBS Interactive

David Berkowitz

Principal, Serial Marketer

Ashley J. Swartz

Founder & CEO, Furious-Minds

Joy Marcus

EVP & General Manager, Digital Video, Condé Nast Entertainment

Roger Keating

Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Hearst Television

Joan Gillman

Former EVP & COO, Time Warner Cable Media

Sam Toles

Head of Global Content Acquisitions and Distribution, Vimeo

Larry Linietsky


Christopher Harrison

VP, Music Business Affairs, Sirius XM Radio Inc.

Andrew Klein

Senior Vice President, AEG Global Partnerships

Mary Nichols

President & Founder, FuseBox Radio Broadcast

Dan Bruinsma

SVP, DIrector, Starcom

Priya Rajagopalan

VP, Product Management, TiVo

Keith Hindle

CEO, Digital & Branded Entertainment, FremantleMedia

Christina Alejandre

General Manager & Vice President, eSports, ELEAGUE

Pamela Nguyen

Ad Operations Manager, DramaFever

Chris Pizzurro

Head of Sales & Marketing, Canoe Ventures

Thom Gruhler

Former Corporate Vice President, Apps and Services, Microsoft

Tom Giles

Senior Director, Fullscreen Direct

Marc McEwen

VP, Client Services, RedPeg Marketing

Bill Grosso

CEO & Founder, Scientific Revenue

Mikko Setälä

Chief Corporate Development Officer, Rovio

Ned Sherman

Counsel/Director, Manatt Digital
Founder, Digital Media Wire

Michael Abbattista

GLobal Head of Telecom/ISP Partnership & Business Development, Spotify

Owen Grover

EVP & General Manager, Content Development & Distribution. iHeartMedia

Andrew Hampp

VP, Brand Strategist, MAC Presents

Zach Blume

Managing Partner, Portal A

Jesse Redniss

Co-Founder, BRaVe Ventures

Jared Pearlman

Vice President, Branded Content, United Entertainment Group

Josh Burns

Gaming Industry Consultant

Tom Rassweiler

VP, Games, Arkadium

Darrell Andrews

Director of Music Partnerships/Strategy, OmniaMedia

Angela Northington

General Manager, Urban Movie Channel

Jeremiah Rosen

Partner & Managing Director, Reason2Be

Andy Swanson

VP, eSports Evangelist, Twitch

Jeff Birnbaum

Head of Gaming Partnerships, Google

Alex White

Head & Co-Founder, Next Big Sound, Pandora

Naomi Makofsky

Strategic Product Partnerships, Google

Molly Neuman

Head of Music, Kickstarter

Jonathan Azu

General Manager & Executive Vice President, Red Light Management

Howie Singer

Senior VP & Chief Strategic Technologist, Warner Music Group

David Griffith

VP, Digital Marketing Partnerships, Food Network

James Shears

General Manager, Advanced TV, The Trade Desk

James DeJulio

Co-founder, President & Chief Creative Officer,Tongal

Ted Schilowitz

VR Creator & Futurist/CinemaVangelist - 20th Century Fox/Barco

Albert Lai

CEO - Big Viking Games

Kent Wakeford

COO - Kabam

Jeff Birnbaum

Head of Gaming Partnerships - Google

Kathy Baker

SVP of Digital Marketing, Columbia Records - Sony Music Entertainment

Jessica Rovello

CEO - Arkadium

Brian Halligan

CEO - Hubspot

Patricia Hadden

SVP of Digital Enterprises - NBCUniversal

Jarrod Moses

CEO & Founder - United Entertainment Group

Quinn Kilbury

Senior Brand Director - Heineken, USA

Michael Davis

CEO & President, Embassy Row - Sony Pictures Television

Dennis Kooker

President, Global Digital Business & US Sales, Sony Music Entertainment

Danny Goldberg

President, GoldVE Entertainment

Edward Roussel

Chief Innovation Officer, The Wall Street Journal & Dow Jones

Steve Case

Co-Founder, Former Chairman, AOL
Chairman, Revolution